Who we are

We are a team of Romanian foresters, which together with Swedish colleagues, have developed a new, integrated forest management solution for Romanian forest properties starting with 2009. The skills developed in time, including advising for investments in forest land, are based on trust and openness towards meeting the needs of forest owners.

GREENGOLD Romania has been better  known as one of the most important Romanian forest owners, with forest properties located in 14 counties, in  all historical regions of the country. Nevertheless, the main activity of GREENGOLD is  forest management which is accomplished in line with the high standards of sustainability  and responsability required by  the institutional investors who until now have entrusted our company the management of  more than 60.000 hectares.

We are now willing to offer our nationwide experience to private forest owners interested in  sustainable and profitable forest management and to investors interested in purchasing and owning forest land in Romania.

GREENGOLD provides a complete package of  forest management solutions:

  • Using the most efficient and modern international best practices adapted to the specific business environment / forestry of  Romania;
  • Focused on forest owners / investors with whom we share common values.