GREENGOLD has acquired a deep and extensive knowledge of the forest land market in Romania, being actively involved in acquisition / sale of more than 60.000 ha.
For this purpose, GREENGOLD have provided investors with complete packages of services, including:


  • Market intelligence – accurate understanding of forest land market enables us to provide valuable and relevant information for customer needs and guide any purchase process by avoiding problems specific to emergent markets, such as the Romanian one.
  • Technical and financial advisory services – property technical assessment and diagnosis; preparing financial forecasts of return of investment based on field data collection; advice on designing a sale strategy.
  • Assistance in carrying out transactions – negotiating transaction conditions based on client’s mandate, ensuring transaction management by structured stages and procedures adapted to each case specific conditions, for example, asset deal or share deal; close cooperation with other client’s consultants in carrying out the legal and financial due diligence process.
  • Post-transaction services – follow-up of tax, legal (land registry) and forestry registration of property in relation with relevant authorities.
  • Management of  property –  forest management services of the acquired property represent  a partnership approach where the interests of investors and managers converge and are aligned right from the beginning. Financial forecasts and investment advice are to be confirmed by performance indicators of the forestry management.
  • Exit/sale advising – after an investment cycle , focusing on the expected returns.