GREENGOLD has an extensive experience in this area – coordinating acquisition and sale of more than 50.000 hectares of forest properties in the last 5 years-  and is familiar with  the specific assessment methods used by the key investors active  in Romania and abroad.

Each forest has its own history and a set of specific features. Although the value of a forest property depends intrinsically on different factors – such as structure of stands, current and future forest management plan, geographic location , accessibility, quality of past management, aso – it is essential how all this information is documented, modeled and integrated  into evaluation tools of the main institutional investors , the ones which influence the international timberland market. Evaluation and analysis methods used by GREENGOLD provide valuable clues about a. the current value of different forest properties and b. the recommended steps to be taken towards a, more effective and responsible property management.

Our experts are available to assess your property: