Our mission

To build and be part of a new model of integrity, passion, sustainability and efficiency in forest management in Romania.

In implementing our mission, we have the following motto:

Forestry is not only about trees but about people and trees. We manage the properties entrusted to us as our own.

Common values

GreenGold services are aiming at investors and owners with medium and long-term investment or management goals and who breath and share  values like : integrity, dedication to people and passion for trees, economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Honest and trustworthy partner

Good forest management is based on mutual trust between owner and manager and on a long-term common vision.

Although trust is gained in time, it is the foundation of an effective management which is focused on increasing property value through better management combining economic efficiency with sustainability and respect for nature.


The GREENGOLD team views each property or investment as a unique project. Each time we search, identify and implement the right solution returning the highest value in terms of  efficiency and sustainability. This approach is the result and the measure of our passion.


Economical goals are important but they can be achieved and maintained only when  properly balanced with the principles and practices of environmental protection and social responsibility. Owning forestlands as a short or long-term investment is a firm commitment towards local communities for the implementation of forestry, social and environmental best practices.