Our Offers

GreenGold makes long term investments in forests based on a unique platform. More information can be accessed here: https://greengold.se/our-platform/

Exceptionally, GreenGold can offer certain properties for sale when:

  • to increase the efficiency of forest management, portfolio optimization with an emphasis on areas of strategic interest and increased development potential could be considered;
  • properties owned by third parties but managed by GreenGold, for which there could be a possible conflict of interest in direct acquisition, are proposed on the open market through and with our support.


Investment object: 2,883 hectares of prime quality forest land located in four different areas: Property 1-915 ha; Property 2-986 ha; Property 3-839 ha, Property 4-143 ha.
All four properties were managed (not owned) during the last years exclusively and sustainably by GreenGold Romania

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